Friday, July 11, 2014

Portrait Complete!

So I posted photo's of this girl all over the place the other day, but those photo's completely missed my blog! But the long anticipated (for me at least), long in progress Millie is finally complete! And I couldnt be happier.
'Mini Millie' with a photo of the real deal
She came along so fast and with very little hassle which I am stoked about. She is the first traditional I have painted that isnt a black and I must say, I quite like them! I have a couple of trade horses coming in at some stage to do who are traditional and sounds like a CM Flash as well in a month or so. But this post isnt about them, so here's more Millie spam!

Absolutely could not be happier with how she turned out, my one and only never sell for now. I have already found a body to become Magic also, a Timoteo resin that I am going to rework so his back legs aren't way out behind him.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Good Emails

I received a wonderful email the other day from a lovely lady I did a trade with last year, she owns these two lovelies.
Breyer Totilas resin and BOTW Andalusian
 She emailed to say she took them to Ultimate Gold Live in Australia back in February. She included some photo's aswell which I am very grateful for, I love seeing how my horses have gone, especially since there is only a small handful that have been shown that I know of.

The lovely Totilas (I still wish he was here on my shelf!) now known as EE The Demonstrator managed a couple of placings in Workmanship and Colour:

Workmanship Repaint Mini - 4th
CM Colour Solid Colour - 6th

Not bad considering I'm sure the others in the classes were just as awesome as the other two in the below photo

EE The Demonstrator, photo by Robyn Hall

EE The Demonstrator
And the BOTW Andalusian, known as EE Imperial Veneno placed 6th in Workmanship Repaint Mini.
EE Imperial Veneno, photo by Robyn Hall
 I'm pretty stoked to hear of their placings, as I said, it's always good to know how they're going since I can't show any of my work here, especially live shows are a good test of my work, so I'm even happier that they placed, anything is great! 

Friday, June 20, 2014

New Old DAH

I bought my first Stone DAH awhile back and he arrived last week.

He isn't a new horse, he's from 2012, I'm not sure who designed him as I didn't buy him from his original owner. But he's pretty cute, I rather like this mold, or rather, this version. I don't like the braided version at all, to me the neck looks too scrawny. But this bushy mane/tail version is lovely.

He has the old eyes aswell, the nice detailed ones that they don't seem to do anymore, which is a shame as these ones are really lovely!

He fits my saddle I made ages ago too! This saddle was originally made for my ISH but it was slightly small even for her, as you can see its not even finished yet, I really must make a girth for it...

He's bigger than I thought he would be too, here he is next to my ISH, I will get out my Breyer Pippin body tomorrow and see how they compare size wise.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Blab Spring Fling SM Swap

So I've always missed out on Blab's Swaps in the past, but this time I managed to see that it was happening on time and had been active not long before so my post count was up. I had so much fun doing it (unfortunately I do not have pics of the horses I sent, I clean forgot to take finished pics!)
But, my goodies arrived today

It was like playing lucky dip! I had to literally dig through all the packing peanuts to come out with this -

The liquorice bites are already well on the way to being gone :)
 I was equally excited about the ponies as I was the yummy sweet goods, this wee foal is just adorable, I've never had this mold before so he's totally new to me, and I must say, he is much nicer in person than in any photo's I've seen before, I may end up with a few more of these wee guys in future.

And the other two are just as lovely, all Polish ponies I believe (nail polish that is). So much sparkles and glittery goodness!

So thankyou so much Maeve!! They are awesome :) I'm already looking forward to the next swap, hopefully I won't miss it!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Strapless Complete

Almost 2 years ago I got this girl! And after floating around in the body box for so long I decided it was high time she was finally done. I thought something nice and simple was needed so that's what she got and I think it really suits her.

Excuse the wierd mark on her ribs, I must have had something on my hand!
I managed to get a very slight coppery undertone going on aswell which I am quite pleased about, I haven't really achieved that before, not what I intentionally want anyway.

She was always going to have a star, but I did have ideas about giving her a large snip aswell. I chickened out of trying this though incase it ruined her and didn't look any good.

And of course, her new plaits, I think this was about the first time I really used my Amazing Sculpt, but it was needed, I really could not stand the old original plaits she had!

Ack! Where has she accumulated all these marks?! That's most likely pastel dust on her shoulder

I also added a bit to her tail to thicken it up a little up the top, she may yet have it chopped off and a new one resculpted. I also played around with her ears after reading a post on Jennifer's blog about the ears on this mold being all funky trying to fit bridles etc. I'm not sure if I achieved what was needed or not, but I'm sure either way it's better than it was!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

First Dapple Grey

So I lied when I said Tobi was the latest off my workbench, he was the wee chestnut in yesterdays post. The latest off my workbench is actually this wee grey G3 Pony completed late last month.

She hasn't turned out the best, but for my first dapple grey I am pleased enough, I think she is very cute and suits the colour too well. For now she will stay but she may be redone in future. I'm excited to do more dapple greys now, this was definitely one colour I was very intimidated by and actually scared to try. For anyone interested, the article on dappling by Jenn Danza on Breyer's page is fantastic! I highly recommend it.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Blogging Is BACK!

And oh how I have missed it!! 7 months since my last post and this is the first chance I have had to actually do a post up! Finally we have come out the stone age (well, the parents have) and got a decent internet connection so I can connect to it on my laptop and it's a decent speed now.

So for now is really just a quick update to say hi to anyone who may see this, and to share my facebook page aswell, MF Studios for my custom work (and the odd piece of tack I make).

So until next time, here is the latest horse off my workbench, a Breyer G3 Warmblood with new tail and slightly more 'araby' head, this guy is a portrait pony and was a trade commission.