Monday, September 16, 2013

It's Been Awhile

So I seem to be not so great at posting, a combination of lack of motivation to write anything, things going on in my life leaving me in not so flash a mind frame and school, school is super busy at the moment - 6 art boards (A1 size I think) due in just over a months time, of which I have completed 2 so far. My creative juices seem to be going fully into those two subjects so anything modelly has kind of taken quite a bit of a step back, though I quietly have been doing little bits and pieces, like painting my Oberon resin, and working on a couple other trade pieces.

But for now, NZ Live which was held late August was a bit of a success, not so much where I would have liked, but hey, I supported it and got my horses out there to give it a go. But it was wee Munchkin who did me proud.

Munchkin, Breyer OF G2 Shetland - JCP Parade of Breeds
Out of the two classes he was entered in - Breed and Colour, he won both then went on to be Champion OF Mini Breed and Champion OF Mini Colour.

Champion OF Mini Breed

Champion OF Mini Colour
I am expecting my wee show string to be arriving home sometime this week.

Huge thanks to Kathleen for holding the show, proxying my horses and for the photos.

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