Monday, October 14, 2013

Battles Ended

After so much struggle with Robyn's Breyer Andalusian resin, he is finally done. I really like how he turned out as well. Very tempted to paint my Ian resin that same lovely buckskin.
But, Totilas and her Andalusian are both on their way home across the ditch. It has been lovely to have them on my shelf, even if just for a couple days. I would have been very happy to keep them here with me, but, you can't keep them all, and I'm super happy to have some of my work in her wonderful collection. Besides, I have more needing my attention for other people waiting very patiently...once I get some more primer.

They got felt on the bottom of their bases to replace the wee pad things that came off and also to help protect them when they are live shown from being dropped onto hard surfaces.

Here is finished photo's of both Andy and Totilas:

He has a lovely wee face I must say

Love this boy's blaze! So unique!

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