Thursday, March 24, 2011

More Horses

More SMs for the...umm...horde!! I have been a bit naughty
recently....I made myself a PayPal and have
been itching to test it out...I put a couple of ads up on MH$P and the
first response was from a lady in NZ...the same country as me...I ended
up buying the horses she offered me and just paid via internet was easier for both of these guys are in the post
to me:

and once I pay for ths one, it'll be coming home, this is the one to test out my new PayPal!!
of the G2 Shetlands will become a portrait of my miniature filly -
Magic....with a bit of CMing that is...firstly a haircut!!! then a bit
of retraining to bring the head down!! *eyes up the handsaw*

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