Friday, April 1, 2011

Herd Extention

Thanks to Kathleen my herd has taken a jump up in numbers. 11 were
welcomed to the herd the other day, and my brother's herd to 2 jumped
to 8 as well! A couple will be CMed, but most will stay OF I think...
When I first opened the box...this is what I saw...

It was like christmas!!!!! each horse was wrapped in it's own wee parcel..

this one was a Native Dancer

and it went on like's the rest of the horses I got:

guy would have to be one of my favourites...he was SO photogenic!!!!!!
I will ony put up one pic of him now though, it will take too long to
load heaps of him!!

the drafter will most likely be CMed...he has a few marks and a chipped ear..but he's so cute!

a better pic of the Native Dancer (who I think will be CMed to be Phar
Lap, a famous Thoroughbred born in New Zealand in 1926).

I just love the wee Shetland...just look how small and cute he is!!!!!!!

Does anyone have any name suggestions for these guys??

Now we'll get onto the ones my brother decided he wanted!!:

So that's them all!!!!!!

Thanks soo much Kathleen for letting me get them! even though I know I shouldn't have!! lol!


Anonymous said...

Wow you got a good lot there! Some really nice ones, good catch :-) I'm jealous!

Kismet Lodge said...

lol, these guys are the reason i can't get your wee bucky...of course, they just arrived then you had your bucky up for sale..i was gutted, but these are still cooL! i'll start chopping up the arab today *evil laugh* he's been inspired by the TH girls this year...