Friday, July 8, 2011

Bargain Find

Recently while scouring the net for cheap Breyer's I searched 'Breyer'
on trademe (as I always do) and guess what came up?? 3 custom
Traditionals!! for how much?? $30!!! So
there's only one thing I could do, I clicked Buy Now and on tuesday my
beauties arrived!!!!! I love them all...first out of the box was the
wee pinto foal..this guy was painted by M Durdan:
than the broken ear, it's pretty cute! I did go over the white because
it looked a bit dirty, and because I did a wash over it, some of it
dribbled up his neck, so I'll have to go over that, probably when I fix
his ear...
Then we have the grey by Sophia Jourdanue-Bailey: Unfortunatley,
this guy's paint has cracked in guess is that the plastic
has expanded?? I can't find a air hole on him either....he's definitely
not a live show horse, but that suits me as I can't live show
anyway..he should be good for photo showing when i find a nice place to
take photo's of my Trads...
but there can only be one star...
boy I've named Sunny, but he still needs a show name, as do the
rest...Sunny is an older CM by Deb Brown, I had to regloss his eyes,
and there is some teeny tiny rubs above his eye, but other than that
he's PERFECT! his shading is amazing and his eyes after their
reglossing are full of emotion! And
the wee snip on his nose is just so sweet! The halter arrived 3 days
before him and is made by Awesome Model Horse Tack on Facebook....which
also means, my prize is here too!!!!!
couldn't find any sticky stuff so the bit is unattached....but doesn't
Boom look cute??! na, it isn't for him, but will be for my Trad Millie
portrait when it is done....

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