Friday, September 2, 2011


there is people out there that check out my blog!!! i'm quite pleased
with this one question..ok two, how come there are
only 2 followers?? and what can i do to make this blog better/more
interesting for people?? I would really love to find out what you
In other news, i haven't been up to much, i'll have some real horse
pics to share next week, i have a fun day coming up i am taking Magic
to next weekend... Also, thanks to Awesome Model Horse Tack, i won 3rd
in their recent drawing contest!! I also decided to make a bridle..not
sure if that is a good or bad thing!! but so far i have only done the
bit, it will be a loose ring snaffle with rubber mouth piece...even
though the "rubber" is a bit big...

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