Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fun Day Sunday

un Day, yea, Sunday, yea, Sun, no. Rain, the whole day!!! But yea, it
was fun!! we had lots of different events, barle racing (yes, we had to
run with the horses!!! no easy way out this time!!) sack races, msical
sacks, obstacle etc..
Align CenterBut
because of the rain (and the fact the batteries went dead in the
camera) i only have pics from the Fancy Dress class to show, which mum
we had farmers and their cows...
we had pirates (and parrots!!)
we also had a bumble bee and a flower!
annd then there was the clowns (aka, me and Magic!!)

here we are all together..

and this was in the tack shed...i love the embossing on the plate!!and
there was a western saddle i was eyeing up too...couldn't resist a pic
of the tooling...not very amazing, but very simple and nice to look at..

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