Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!!! Hope your all having a good chocolate filled
time! I have been good and am saving mine. That doesn't mean Easter has
been completely out for me, I made this the other night.
easter theme bridle, because when I think of easter I think fluffy
white easter bunnies delivering chocolate eggs, and from fluffy white
bunnies I think pink!

And doesn't CB look amazing in pink! The above photo's show the colours
best. And my apologies for my bad rider, she might need some riding
I'm thinking it will be for sale, so if you want it, please email me
( with an offer, it's fully adjustable
with *handmade* tongue buckles. You can change the bit as well, I made
it like it is purposely so it has that option.

Another good thing that happened to me is this, I got it today when my Nan came out.

She's been working on it for about the last year or so and brought it
over with her from Australia. She also made the two cushions.

I love it!! The colours are lovely.

Not the most talkative or interesting of posts, sorry, I'm not really one for talking or making conversation!

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