Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tiny Troublemaker

You wouldn't believe the trouble this little guy has caused me!

His prepping went fine, then the first lot of primer went well, then I
started pastelling him palomino, well, right from the start he refused
to be pally, I started about 3 times on him before chucking him on the
shelf above the computer.
I finally dragged him out again the other day determined he WAS going
to be a palomino, yet again, he refused, he ended up a lovely shade,
with dark splotches all over him. I was rather annoyed so I got out my
pastels and shaved off some brown and thought 'Right then, you can
bloomin well be bay then'...He seemed to like that idea much better!
I even managed to get a few funny looking dapples on him!!

1 comment:

TiMe said...

It's terrible when a model just decides it doesn't want to be the colour you intended it to be. I had a Schleich Holsteiner (I think) mare, who I thought would make a great dark, seal brown but I started painting and it just didn't want to be seal brown. She ended up a lighter chestnut with darker mane and tail :P