Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Surprise Parcel

Well today just seems to have been a good day, about as good as a day
at school can get anyway, but im really enjoying life at the moment,
all sorts to good things have been thrown at me recently. Im sorry I've
kind of neglected the blog lately, but the models just haven't really
been on my mind, until today when I came home to a parcel sitting on
the table for me.
From Canada of all places, my thoughts were 'I haven't even been doing
anything modelly lately let alone buying or trading things'. So it was
a complete puzzle as to what had arrived in the post for me, the name
on the back rang a bell but I still couldn't think what it was.
now I remember, I traded some halters for these two with intentions of
chopping up poor old Sagr and using him as my Millie portrait. If you
hadn't got it before, I had completely forgotten about these two it was
so long ago I competed my end of the deal, but they're finally here now
and I couldn't be happier, maybe my modelly motivations have come back
at last.

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