Friday, August 31, 2012


So its been a couple weeks since I posted now, and even longer since I actually did some thing the strapless body I got. So I dragged out that body the other day and have been slowly beginning the prep work on her.

I think there will be a bit of resculpting done as well, her ears need
a bit of attention, I saw a post on someone's blog awhile back
regarding this particular molds ear so I need to hunt that out and
reread it. But the main thing im thinking is get rid of her current
mane and either resculpt plaits or hair her, she can still have her
plaits but they will be haired and change her tail as well.
Because quite frankly, those plaits are terrible in my opinion. They just look stupid.

Does anyone have a haired strapless or has seen one that they can give
me a link to any pictures of? I would love to see what this mold
actually looks like haired before I do it to mine to find it really
does not look any good at all.
And because it was daffodil day yesterday here is the one lone daffodil
we have here in the yard to celebrate and support the cause.

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