Sunday, January 13, 2013

Much Too Late

Sorry for the lack of posts peeps, but in short since Blogger went and changed everything it is too modern for our dinosaur of a computer at home so I cannot post anything, I can't even get on here to check up on all the blogs I follow, so I have had to try remember most of them.

But I went to post now and I can't get any pictures on, I dont think im doing anything wrong, just click the insert image button and then from the computer, it comes up with the little swirly thing then just nothing, that disappears and im left with a white area where things should come up im guessing. There's nothing special I need to do is there?

But until I find a way to get that sorted here is a random picture from a couple of Christmas' ago of me riding Splash.

And just to be somewhat modelly, here's Electra with her western gears

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