Monday, June 3, 2013

Done For Now

This wee guy is done for the moment. I have no Dull Cote to seal her as yet, I need to order some more. But that aside, I'm happy to be able to say I've finished something.
She's a portrait piece of our miniature mare, ironically called Millie.

The real (mini) Millie, Supreme at Rai Valley A&P earlier this year.
Now, to prepping I think until I get more Dull Cote at least.


Kristian said...

She looks really good! Trying to make portraits always drive me crazy. I always want the model to look like its real counterpart. ;)

Kismet Lodge said...

Thankyou so much :) it took alot of looking at reference pics of the real pony to get the markings right, and even then they're not exact, but I like doing portraits, especially of horses we own or have known. I have another I'm going to do on the same mold, a wee chestnut appy.