Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Resin Bug

It has hit me. A few weeks back I received a very lovely raw casting of Firiona, and sometime in the next week or so I am expecting two mini resins - Ian and Smittyn. Though Smittyn is not mine, only here for clothes then heading back home, she still gets to stay with me for awhile which is awesome.

Models haven't really been much of a priority for me lately, life takes over as everyone knows, so I'm thinking of selling a few models, need the money alot more than I need the models. Plus I have decided to take a new direction with my collection and focus on some more unique horses, resins and customs rather than OF regular runs as I've collected up until just recently. The new breyers that have come out recently I'm just not that taken by most of them, even one's I liked earlier this year and last year I don't think so great any more, which is good, saves me some money and makes it alot harder for me to buy lots of horses, quality not quantity right.

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