Thursday, August 1, 2013

Questioning Things

I'm seriously thinking I need to take another look at my involvement in the hobby. I've only just got into resins these last few months after being in the hobby 5 years, while Firiona is still as she arrived, Oberon is making good progress clothing wise and I hope to have him done in time for the live show later this month along with another commission I have in the works.

But yesterday I received a parcel containing two lovely wee resins and where usually I would be pumped about getting them, I didn't feel much excitement, not like I did when I heard theyd been listed a couple weeks back. Maybe it's time for a step back from the hobby, or its just other things happening in my life that's taking all the joy or excitement out of things for me, *sigh* I really hope I get things sorted or things start looking up for me soon, so sick of feeling all over the place.

But until then, I'm still happy to see these two on my shelf, even if Smittyn is just visiting for clothes then heading back to her owner. Ian is so neat, I'm looking forward to having him finished, he'll make a nice young draft of some type.


Clare said...

Hope you are ok! Chin up. :) *hugs*

Kismet Lodge said...

Thanks Hun :)Things are pretty hectic really for me at the moment, should be right hopefully in the near future. I seem to be in very mixed minds about the hobby though, some days I'm feeling great about it and would love to receive a horse or do something modelly, other days I just can't stand it and would happily get rid of all my horses, it's rather annoying, but good for clearing a few horses off the shelves haha