Saturday, May 17, 2014

Strapless Complete

Almost 2 years ago I got this girl! And after floating around in the body box for so long I decided it was high time she was finally done. I thought something nice and simple was needed so that's what she got and I think it really suits her.

Excuse the wierd mark on her ribs, I must have had something on my hand!
I managed to get a very slight coppery undertone going on aswell which I am quite pleased about, I haven't really achieved that before, not what I intentionally want anyway.

She was always going to have a star, but I did have ideas about giving her a large snip aswell. I chickened out of trying this though incase it ruined her and didn't look any good.

And of course, her new plaits, I think this was about the first time I really used my Amazing Sculpt, but it was needed, I really could not stand the old original plaits she had!

Ack! Where has she accumulated all these marks?! That's most likely pastel dust on her shoulder

I also added a bit to her tail to thicken it up a little up the top, she may yet have it chopped off and a new one resculpted. I also played around with her ears after reading a post on Jennifer's blog about the ears on this mold being all funky trying to fit bridles etc. I'm not sure if I achieved what was needed or not, but I'm sure either way it's better than it was!


Braymere said...

It's definitely better. Good job!


Kismet Lodge said...

Thankyou! :)