Monday, May 26, 2014

Blab Spring Fling SM Swap

So I've always missed out on Blab's Swaps in the past, but this time I managed to see that it was happening on time and had been active not long before so my post count was up. I had so much fun doing it (unfortunately I do not have pics of the horses I sent, I clean forgot to take finished pics!)
But, my goodies arrived today

It was like playing lucky dip! I had to literally dig through all the packing peanuts to come out with this -

The liquorice bites are already well on the way to being gone :)
 I was equally excited about the ponies as I was the yummy sweet goods, this wee foal is just adorable, I've never had this mold before so he's totally new to me, and I must say, he is much nicer in person than in any photo's I've seen before, I may end up with a few more of these wee guys in future.

And the other two are just as lovely, all Polish ponies I believe (nail polish that is). So much sparkles and glittery goodness!

So thankyou so much Maeve!! They are awesome :) I'm already looking forward to the next swap, hopefully I won't miss it!

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