Friday, June 20, 2014

New Old DAH

I bought my first Stone DAH awhile back and he arrived last week.

He isn't a new horse, he's from 2012, I'm not sure who designed him as I didn't buy him from his original owner. But he's pretty cute, I rather like this mold, or rather, this version. I don't like the braided version at all, to me the neck looks too scrawny. But this bushy mane/tail version is lovely.

He has the old eyes aswell, the nice detailed ones that they don't seem to do anymore, which is a shame as these ones are really lovely!

He fits my saddle I made ages ago too! This saddle was originally made for my ISH but it was slightly small even for her, as you can see its not even finished yet, I really must make a girth for it...

He's bigger than I thought he would be too, here he is next to my ISH, I will get out my Breyer Pippin body tomorrow and see how they compare size wise.

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