Monday, June 30, 2014

Good Emails

I received a wonderful email the other day from a lovely lady I did a trade with last year, she owns these two lovelies.
Breyer Totilas resin and BOTW Andalusian
 She emailed to say she took them to Ultimate Gold Live in Australia back in February. She included some photo's aswell which I am very grateful for, I love seeing how my horses have gone, especially since there is only a small handful that have been shown that I know of.

The lovely Totilas (I still wish he was here on my shelf!) now known as EE The Demonstrator managed a couple of placings in Workmanship and Colour:

Workmanship Repaint Mini - 4th
CM Colour Solid Colour - 6th

Not bad considering I'm sure the others in the classes were just as awesome as the other two in the below photo

EE The Demonstrator, photo by Robyn Hall

EE The Demonstrator
And the BOTW Andalusian, known as EE Imperial Veneno placed 6th in Workmanship Repaint Mini.
EE Imperial Veneno, photo by Robyn Hall
 I'm pretty stoked to hear of their placings, as I said, it's always good to know how they're going since I can't show any of my work here, especially live shows are a good test of my work, so I'm even happier that they placed, anything is great! 

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