Friday, July 11, 2014

Portrait Complete!

So I posted photo's of this girl all over the place the other day, but those photo's completely missed my blog! But the long anticipated (for me at least), long in progress Millie is finally complete! And I couldnt be happier.
'Mini Millie' with a photo of the real deal
She came along so fast and with very little hassle which I am stoked about. She is the first traditional I have painted that isnt a black and I must say, I quite like them! I have a couple of trade horses coming in at some stage to do who are traditional and sounds like a CM Flash as well in a month or so. But this post isnt about them, so here's more Millie spam!

Absolutely could not be happier with how she turned out, my one and only never sell for now. I have already found a body to become Magic also, a Timoteo resin that I am going to rework so his back legs aren't way out behind him.

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