Friday, February 10, 2012

Highflyer's Inspiration?

Remember that painting of Hambletonian by George Stubbs in the last post?
Well, a comment on that post brought a new model I had never seen before, before my eyes! Here is Highflyer sculpted by Tina Lamport.

Even though Highflyer is quite a bit chubbier than the Hambletonian in
the painting, and the head is slightly more twisted in the painting
also, the pose etc is most definitely the same. I'm thinking (thanks to
Shoestring Stable of course!!) that the painting was the inspiration/reference for Highflyer's being.

I'm really liking that wee Highflyer now!!! And being a lg. Stablemate he's just the right size for me to *possibly* afford!!!


Braymere said...

Don't you love it when you learn something from the comments section of your own blog? Happens to me all the time!


Kismet Lodge said...

yep! It's awesome!! I've learnt a few, well, ok, a heap of things from your blog and its comments too! haha!