Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Old Time Paintings

After doing art last year and ending up with it endorsed with Merit (so
annoyed about the first project we did, if that was Excellence, my art
would have been endorsed with Excellence!!) and my love for painting
etc I am doing art again this year. To start off with we needed to
choose 4 different 'artist models', basically 4 artists with different
techniques. One of the ones I chose is George Stubbs. His art is really
neat I think, I love the way he does horses, some of them are not
overly 'conformationally correct', but they are, as I said, really

This one is on a poster in my form room at school. Love the colour of this horse, and always meant to get a pic,
but have never managed too.


Hambletonian - this is the picture I chose to use.

And yep, this is a 'Wordless Wednesday' post on Thursday!!


Anonymous said...

Very cool! I love the one of Hambletonian- it's obviously the one that Tina Lamport used when she did the resin Highflyer. (

Kismet Lodge said...

That's really neat!! Definitely looks like the horse in the picture. I have never seen that resin before.