Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sleazy Sleepwear for *model* Horses

So we have this friend, she has started a small business selling all
sorts of gear, mainly show stuff, like makeup, tail bags, all sorts of
sprays and haynets, Sleazy Sleepwear stuff. Well we had to go visit her
the other day and mum clipped on of her horses for her, we had to go
check out all her stuff (again!!) and just before we left I saw this
little package thing sitting on the shelf beside the door. I picked it
up and guess what, a Slezy Sleepwear rug/hood set for MODEL HORSES!!!
I asked how much it was and she replied it was $13!!! So, of course it
came home with me!!
am definitely asking if she is going to get any more!! They are really
neat, they don't fit absolutely perfectly, but if I was really keen for
a better fit, it wouldn't be very hard to fix it up.

The material pattern of this one is called Lilli, a limited edition one I was told.

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