Saturday, October 8, 2011

First show of the season...

...and it had it's ups and downs..Magic came away with Champion
Youngstock, it was a lovely sunny day with a slight breeze to keep the
heat away, however, they had the jumping on when we got there, the RTR
finished as we started but they had SJ running all the way through, so
there was a few pangs of sadness at the thought that at one stage it
was me out there on Millie, and sadness at the fact I haven't even been
on a horse for a month and a half let alone jumped... But i took some
lovely pics, and all in all, it was a good day out!
We'll start with Magic, my little brother took her in the youth Best
little blighter went and beat me didn't he!!! see that smile on his face!!!
there was the jumpers...loved this horse!! think the pole dropped on
this jump...did that quite a bit, must have been a hard one to jump!

then the RTR finished and sidesaddle came out, this horse was my
favourite, look at the scrummy colour!! I would LOVE to have a model
this colour!

Magic with her champion youngstock sash...

like this pic, even though it is my little brother leading her, her
pose reminds me of Little Lonestar...maybe he's not so bad after all
(Lonestar I mean, not Bayley!!)
of course there were horses that played up...

just LOVED this lady's outfit!!! it looked amazing with her horse!!
what would that be, 1m something?? that's what they were doing as we finished up...

we didn't manage to get a pic of the mini jumping...both me and mum
were in it and quite frankly, Bayley is hopeless!!!
In other news, my horses are on their way home, they should be here
about Wednesday-ish, so more pics when they get here, and then we are
going down to Christchurch for another show/training clinic next
weekend with Wayne Hipsley. So alot is going on round here!
Oh, and I started on a SM scale saddle...not sure how that will turn

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