Thursday, October 6, 2011

NZ Live

Well, I think it is about timei posted something about NZ Live which
was held last Saturday!! My horses did very well I think, with Wee
Millie coming away with Reserve Supreme Workmanship, only beaten by an
Independance resin!!! I was so pleased to hear that!! I can't wait for
them to come home and haev their photo's taken with their winnings!!
And to top off a great show, i won overll novice, a PS Electra, with
western saddle/bridle/brestplate set!!! I'm super oober excited to see
that set!!!!
But anyway, here are some pics of my guys I have been sent by a
wonderful Kathleen!! I would put captions but being on dialup I am
lucky Blogger even lets me post from home!!! but anyway, enjoy!!

more pics to come when they arrive home :)

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