Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Waiting for the postie when your at home specifically waiting seems to
take twice as long for him to arrive!!!! But this time the wait was
worth it!! My horses arrivedehom today, in a box that could nearly have
held a real horse saddle!
Here's Sunny (a Breyer Traditional) showing just how big the box is..
The first I saw (once i got all the peanut things out of the way!) was Electra...
she is lovely, and her tack is just amazing!!! Definitely more pics of that to come!!
to come out was Journeyman...he's so big!!! Mum doesn't know about him
yet, he's going to be rather hard to hide!!! na, I will show him to her
tonight when I "remember" about him!! I didn't get a pic of just him in
his whole body (goodness knows why!!) but I think you all know what he
looks like, but look at his dapples!!! They're so yummy!!

and then I found this surprise, tucked up behind Journeyman....this
girl is my first rider, and after reading Jennifer Buxton's articles on making dolls' boots,
I think I will revamp this one, make her some better fitting clothes
and some boots, she looks so...I don't know, untidy?? the way she
is..but either way, at the moment she has to learn to ride western!
wait, there's more!! Salpicardo was next to come out, this boy is so
much nicer in person than in photo's!! I love his colour!!! he just
looks rubbish in this pic!
he even still had his catalogue that comes in the boxes...
anyway, here's the lot that was in the big box!! (minus my guys I sent
up, these are just the ones that hitched a ride home!!!) forgot to take
a pic of just the wee white guy too, he's a body, another surprise!
he's a PS Pebbles WB...unsure what sort of clothes he wants at the
moment, but i'm loving his size!!!
and look what I noticed....WB and Journeyman are in the same sort of pose!!!
all for now, but don't worry, I wont be too far away, I have the next 4
posts planned out already!!!! And then I'll have pics from the show in
Christchurch this weekend!! mwa hahahaha!!!

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