Monday, October 24, 2011

Ruff Rider

I found a new horse to ride!! Well, really was told I can ride him if I
want to, so I took the opportunity and now have the challenge of
getting a 16hh TB gelding ready to show. I am going to ride him in the
shows as well as his owner just had a baby and is keen on me doing work
with him and wants to jump. I have formed new opinions on showing when
it is that or doesn't seem so bad now that jumping is out
of the question for now!!
Please excuse the way my feet are in the pics, I'm highly peeved with
the way I'm riding at the DEFINITELY going to focus on
those legs next time! And I'm leaning forward..see what a year off of
riding does to me?!! GAHH!
But here he is, Ruff, or Atakarma (I think that was his racing
name..need to confirm how to spell it!)
This pic my legs are especially bad...GRRR!

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