Friday, May 25, 2012

DIY Sharks Teeth

As much for everyone else as it is for me so I don't lose this great post, I'm sharing it here.

Desktop Stables is a favourite of mine, though I don't often visit her blog, I love Nichelle's pictures and the content is a good read as well.

At the moment she's in the process of creating a (very lovely looking) arabian costume.
This is something I would like to make at some stage, but first I think
a traditional arab in my collection would be helpful! I'm not too keen
on the fiddliness that will more than likely be involved in making a
costume for my classics boy.
I am definitely one of those hobbyists who, if something can be done on
a budget or DIY, will be doing just that! It only just dawned on me
what sharks teeth are actually used for, still not sure on the whole
point of using them, but they look good!
Picture by Nichelle of Desktop Stables

And the whole point of this post, Nichelle has shown how she made hers. To me, they look just as good as the etched ones, but perhaps that is because I am not used to seeing them or something.

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