Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Frustration and neglect

Oops! Ok, I knew I hadn't posted for awhile, but it's been almost a
MONTH!! I guess it's not fair to blame it entirely on Blogger changing
the darned layout on me, I only just got round to changing it back to
the original basic one today, only to find a note up the top saying it
will be deleted in the coming months! How can they do that!! It's the
only bloomin layout that works on this stupid computer here at home! If
they go and delete it then that means I will not be able to post from
home AT ALL, and I sure as heck won't be doing anything from school, so
it might be a high possibility that I will go to WordPress
if Blogger goes ahead and deletes the basic format. Grr, why do they
have to go and "fix" what's not broken, what's working perfectly fine.
Right, rant over. I'm pleased to have my blog back in working order for
now at least.
Not much modelly has been happening here, I was naughty and bought a
couple of horses which really hurt my bank account after the spending
spree I have been doing lately, they are in transit as I write this and
should be here in teh next couple of days. They are being accompanied
by some Apoxie Sculpt as well, so some of these limbless horses here
can finally be put back together!
I'm quite excited about the new Breyer sculpture
by Brigitte Eberl of Totilas, he looks to be a rather fun looking
performance prospect. I can't wait for him to come out in November!
Winter is definitely setting in here, I don't think there has been any
frosts here yet, just really heavy fogs, cold mornings and rain, so far
when I say it's rained, it has hosed down, yesterday we had thunder and
all! Oh well, lazy days inside by the fire are coming! That would have
to be my favourite part of winter.
Even after a month I don't have overly much to say! So I'll leave you
with this picture I found on a blog post that made me laugh, so many
times I have seen this happen and it never seems to get old, not much
fun for the kid though!

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