Friday, May 18, 2012

My New Herd Members

My two new boys arrived, and I think they will be the last for awhile,
not that I've had that many newbies recently anyway! I took some
pictures of them, but they're not very good, I haven't had time to get
them out this weekend either to take decent pics. But, here they are
This one was more of a 'spur of the moment' buy, but I'm pleased I got
him! He's the 2007 JCPenney Spanish Horse Family Andalusian, he's more
of a bay roan than the light bay they say he is on the Identify Your Breyer website.
I just LOVE his face!! The blaze is just lovely! Though the picture does it no justice what-so-ever!
I really quite like this mold, it's so much nicer than it looked to me in pictures.

And then there is this boy, one of the Treasure Hunt Silver's from
2007. He is really quite lovely in person, again, the photo's are
really bad!!
And he looks really neat in western!! I think I need a smaller saddle to fit him better though, but the idea is there!

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Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering where you get your OFS from? I live in Auckland and I can't get ANY! If there's a certain website or store, I'd would be great to know