Monday, March 12, 2012

As Promised

The 'back to models' post this blog so desperately needed!! I don't
remember what my last modelly post was, let alone when, wouldn't
surprise me if it' wasn't all that long ago!
This post, my WIP projects, most likely for the next 6 months!!!
First up, a Schleich Haflinger mare, slightly modified leg arrangement,
to a silver dapple - Dusty! A portrait of Magic's mumma.
G1 Drafter, curretnly being prepped to be sent away (maybe) to look
something like the pretty boy on the right, I'm seriously thinking
about hairing him as well, any suggestions on what type of mohair to

MW (quarter horse?) of some sort, thinking of making him a base, will be painted chestnut, Reference horse - RR Frenchmans Bully, who popped up when I was looking for a nice ref. colour.

Another being prepped to be sent away, G2 Standardbred to be painted as a portrait of pacer Cardigan Bay.

last but not least, G3 Pony, perhaps with some modifications (new
mane/tail, no feathers) to a silver bay pinto, Raid. This wee stallion
is so sweet! He belongs to a friend of ours.

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