Friday, March 16, 2012

This is Millie...

is a Welsh (Riding Pony?) mare born in 1988. around 12.3hh high, she
was measure at 128.5 cm.
She was my best friend for around 5 years until we made the decision to
sell her (to somewhere closer to a vet incase she needed it) April,
must be, 2 years ago now I'd say.
I really would love a model to remember her by, I already have a SM
one, but I would love a bigger one to do performance with. I just can't
seem to find the right one!!!
Breyer Newsworthy seems to fit best so far, but then, being a jumping
mold he seems kind of limited in what I could do. So I thought of
Breyer's Flash, but the body type doesn't really fit overly well, he
could be made to work I guess.
I have had the PS Pony suggested, but that mold doesn't entirely take
my fancy to start with, so I'd rather not go there to make it a
portrait of a horse I loved.
Is there anything else out there that would fit? I don't really care
whether it is a resin, a breyer, or a stone, I just need some ideas to
help me out a bit!!
She loved jumping, she would jump anything and everything, I jumped her
up to a metre and that's where she felt best, I never really tried
anything over that, but smaller heights she just felt really awkward up
to about 85. I'm not sure if all horses are like that or if it was just
her, but I liked to think of it as she was truly a jumping pony! She
hated showing, would do about 2 classes then take herself back to the
We always rode her in a dutch gag because her mouth was so hard, but I
never had to use it, I was always riding her on a loose rein.

At age 21.

second from the left.

Our last ride.

So any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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