Saturday, March 10, 2012

A long time overdue, Kaikoura A&P

I will just post the pics of the horses and some other neat things
about the show this year, I apologize for the lack of posts too, I
really haven't been feeling all that enthusiastic about the models
lately! I do think it is about time for another modelly post though,
maybe tomorrow...
I'm not much in the mood for writing anything either, and I don't have
much to talk about really, so I'll just leave you with the pics, and
any captions I decide are needed!
Me and Dusky

The supreme Miniature, not sure I agree, but he is a lovely colour!! SM G3 Pony colour me thinks..

There were a few people dressed up, after all, it was the 100th Centenary show!

next day my brother wanted to see if he could pick up any motors at the
dump, outside there was, a HUGE MODEL HORSE!!!! Well, the mold anyway!

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