Thursday, March 29, 2012

Slightly Disappointed

Something good to the end of a rather bad day. Mum came home with the
horses I got my Nan to buy for me off eBay. These two little guys I
planned on repainting, but the one on the left I may leave OF, her
(yep, no parts!!) colour is quite nice, the other one however, has a
few marks, she he'll be given new clothes at some stage.

And just for the fun of it, and because there was a whole conversation on teeny tiny herds on MECA, this is my current MM herd.
Left to right - BM Minuet (CM), 2 bodies, new nameless OF, Latte (OF) and the other new nameless guy.

This is the disappointment in them all,
I got his guy because he looked so darn neat in the pic, and he does in
this pic as well.
The worst thing, is this, his symmetrical appy pattern.
Poor guy is (just a little bit) splay footed.

And I don't really like the glossy finish he has. Along with his blobby
hooves, my other Chips boy has way way more hoof definition than this
one. Oh well, maybe he will grow on me, if not, I'll attack him with
some paint or the craft knife and make his pattern a bit more
He does have a cut face though, I'll give him that!

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