Monday, March 26, 2012

A Variation

What I received in the mail today is somewhat of a first for me, a
variation! An addition to my G3 Pony conga none the less, since I
already had one in the dun colour, I was just going to repaint on of
them, but their colours are so different I think I might just have to
leave them both OF!
one on the left is the one I got today, her colour is so much softer
and even and less poo like than the other! I'm leaning towards creating
a 'side road' stable just for the ponies and calling it 'Gunnalatta',
Gunnalatta came from my aunty and uncles house, beside their front door
they had a wooden nameplate with the word on it, upon asking mum what
it meant, she said 'well, basically, going to finish it later, gunna
finish it latta', seems appropriate to me!! And it almost seems
pony-ish in my mind. BUT, first I'm having second thoughts on my
changing from Blue Moon Stables to Kismet Lodge....I really am terrible
like that, I can't stick with a decision once it has been made!!
But something I was really proud of over the weekend, we went down to
Christchurch with pony in tow to compete at the NZMHA Nationals show
held thursday to sunday last week. Friday, I managed to win National
Grand Champion Cat. B Obstacle - Youth!!!!! That is indeed a National
title under my belt! And no, I wasn't the only one!! I worked out there
was about 8 kids between the two sections (Junior Youth (under 13) and
Senior Youth (under 18).
managed to win myself a trophy for it as well! Can you see it in front
of me there?
There is plenty more pictures from the week to come, but I might save
them for a rainy day, kidding! I will share them over the next few
posts, will just take me awhile to sort through them all.

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