Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The $100 Pony

Meet our newest mini, called Penny Pony by her previous owner, unnamed
as yet with us!! Any suggestions?? I spent about an hour brushing her
today to get most of that yucky winter fluff out, which, I must say,
makes her look way better than she did yesterday (when these pics were
taken). Unfortunately someone hogged off her mane and it is starting to
grow back, making her neck look funny. But she is a real sweetie, she
reminds me of Magic, turning her head to 'nibble' when I was brushing
her, seeing what the lunge rope tasted like, not sure it's a good thing
we have another Magic!!!
She is a rescue pony of sorts, from Arapawa Island out in the sounds,
the lady we got her off found her advertised in the paper to give away,
long story short, she saved her from potentially being dog food and
then rehomed her (to us!!). She isn't in the best of condition, but
being down the road in knee high grass should do her some good!!
actually can't be bothered writing much more! I'm in one of those 'do I
have to?' kind of moods, started all day really when I was told by
Ruff's (have I posted about him? I don't think I have, tomorrow's
post!!!) owner that she'd ring me back this afternoon and come pick me
up to go for a ride, that was 10 o'clock this morning, it is now 8 pm
and I have not heard zilch from her. Oh well, I guess I can't complain
too much, I do get to ride, what I need to do to get up the courage to
go and ask the neighbour if I can borrow part of the hill paddock just
behind my house so that I can get Pandora and break her in. Then I can
ride whenever I want!! Yayyy!

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