Monday, November 14, 2011

I hate dark horses

They are just so darn hard to take decent pictures of!!! The sun (and
well, any light) reflects off them, and it's usually in all the wrong
places!!! But anyway, here is the latest guy I have managed to finish!!
He is nameless at the moment, so any ideas are most welcome!! and any
opinions/critique is welcome too (especially on his eyes, I'm not sure
about them, they seem to stand out too much to me).
I'm not sure which pic to use out of the one above and the one below...

Sorry about the cruddy pics!!


Braymere said...

Black is so hard--with both real and model horses! I think your pictures turned out fine. You can see the shading and details and that's no small accomplishment!

Kismet Lodge said...

Thanks! They did turn out alright considering the sealer turned out to be slightly glossy when it said on the can 'MAT Finish' :( They are just very well looked after shiny horses! haha!