Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nelson A&P: 2 of 5

Carts this time!! I got my little brother to take these pictures for
mum, as she is right into her harness and stuff so I thought she would
probably want some more pictures to add to her collection!!

Such a bad way of leaving them!! I sure hope they don't store them this way!

This one is a hearse cart!

The Hearse again.

This is an interesting one, I am guessing this is how they transported logs??

This was a lovely gig!

we were doing our harness classes, there was about 3 photographers come
up to take pictures of us. Mum told me we made it into one of the
Nelson newspapers, she hasn't actually got a copy of the
picture/article yet though...and there is bound to be another we are
Tomorrow, clydesdales!!! :)

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