Saturday, November 19, 2011

Nelson A&P

Just a quick note that I will get pics up from the show in the next few
days....just went to load a few on, and because we are on dial up here
it took forever, then it said they were loaded and so I clicked 'Done'
and bam, no pics!! grr, so sorry, no pics from the show today.
I will say that it went alright, no sashes in the Minature ring, but
mum got champion Harness and Magic 3rd out of 3 in EVERYTHING because
she is just a lazy little toad that would NOT trot properly but canter
whenever I tried to get her trotting properly. She better behave better
at the next show (yes, that would be a threat!! haha!).
So anyway, thought I woud share this, thought it was rather funny, as
these are the ponies I have so far as well, the same 3 OF models and 1
CM!! haha!

But, because every post needs a photo,
here's one I just randomly clicked on, no doubt it will show up again
in the next post with the other pics!! And look at that! It's Pizie, the nutter horse with her new owner!!


Anonymous said...

Whoa! I got a mention in the post! lol :P
Looking forward to the show day photos :)

Kismet Lodge said...

lol, yes you did!! XD