Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nelson A&P: 5 of 5

Well, last post from Nelson A&P 2011! Finally! I'm really not in
the right sort of mood to make a decent post today. Let's just say I
found out something yesterday that really destroyed my summer holidays.
Long story short it is near impossible for me to get a real horse now
to ride. Though mum told me yesterday she was thinking about swapping
her harness pony for a 14hh riding pony gelding...it confused me a bit,
why would you swap a horse for a horse when we could get Pandora for
nothing from her boss?! But, if she wants to do that, I'm not
complaining...the mini's will be gone soon, we have our last show
before christmas next weekend, then wee Magic will be going in foal
(exciting!!!) and mum's mini will quite possibly be doing the same. No
mini's means grass can grow for big horse!
Enough of my whining, here is Moutere Valley's Moonshine, or Moonie I
think they call her. She is Magic's sister, same mother. I was quite
annoyed when I saw her pictures as a foal, she is pinto, the next foal
out of Dusty (Magic's mother) after Magic and she is pinto!! They both
have pinto sires, yet Magic is just black, not a speck of white.....oh
welll, I love her all the same :)

Sorry about the bad photography there!!! I did not think to go round the other side where the sun would be on her!!!

And now I need to go check the
mail...and lunge the horses!! I'll leave you with one thing, if you
have not seen the movie Secretariat, do! It's fantastic!! I loved it!!!

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