Thursday, January 12, 2012

Breyer Trakehner: Tail Review

I know Breyer have put out a Hickstead on the Trakehner mold, what I didn't realise was the mold has a new tail
for the release. I only found this out last night while reading the Breyer History Diva blog post Letting Sleeping Models Lie. So of course I had to find out what this new tail was that seemed so unliked.

The original:

And this is the only pic I could find of his new tail:

Found in google images on page 1

To me it really looks
like they have taken the tail off of Idocus and reattached it to the
Trakehner...ok, with some small modifications!
I really don't know what to think about either of the molds now...I
have never really like either of them in the first place, but that tail
to me just looks out of place on the Trakehner...but of course there
will be people out there that love the change. Hickstead is not on my
2012 wish list, actually, none of them are really, though I am still
thinking about Padre and possibly the roan Bouncer, though I prefer the
original Bouncer even though that mold is really not very
'correct'....Breyer, what has happened to you?!!


Braymere said...

I really don't love the trend of adding new tails on old molds. Perhaps it's a function of my age. The Trakehner, POA and Stock Horse Stallion were all introduced during my formative years. Changing them seems somewhat... sacrilegious. Also, I'm not sure the new tails actually match the rest of the mold that well.

I don't really collect OF's, though, so I guess my opinion doesn't matter much!

Kismet Lodge said...

the first sentence in your comment, for some reason, made me think of the saying, you can't teach an old dog new tricks...I guess it goes for these older horses they are putting new tails and stuff on, I don't think it is 'fitting' with the molds. I don't know, I guess I don't mind it really, means I don't have to worry about wanting the horse!!! haha!

Clare said...

Comparing the two trakehner photos it looks like they have revamped the model completely, even his muscling etc. looks so much better!! Loving Hickstead but I don't collect OFs... Wouldn't mind one to customise!

Kismet Lodge said...

I was thinking that last night actually, the muscles look more defined or something...