Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The horses in Murchison

I did type out a whole heap last night, and saved it ready to post
today, but it seems to have stuffed it all up so out it goes!! Was just
a whole heap of garbage you wouldn't have wanted to take the time to
read anyway!! But here, finally, is the promised pics of the horses in
Murchison, Splash, the Harness pony, Woody, the new colt, Pony, the
$100 pony, and Dusky, Twilight's foal! Can't write much more, have to
go to bed *groan* ahh well, don't have to go into town tomorrow, and I
have another post lined up for then too!
Pony and Woody



I'm not the only one that sees Roundapony in this pic am I??!!

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