Saturday, January 28, 2012

Stop The Press - SPCA Charity Show Champion

Well done to Ilaria, owner of Stop The Press! In winning the Champion
of the Show in my recent SPCA Charity show, Stop The Press gets a whole
post to himself to show off!!
"Stop The Press is a commission
piece by Sheila Anderson-Bishop. I sent her a photo of the real
Appaloosa Stallion Scotch Dream as reference for the colour/pattern I
wanted, and I think Sheila did very well.

He owes
his name to the line I wrote while Sheila and I were talking about the
commission. In the beginning it was for a "plain" Mini Ravenhill, but
when she sent a pic of a CM'ed one she had (customized by Stacey
Tumlinson herself), I wrote "Stop the press! I'll take him!". Hence his
name. :)"

If your interested in seeing more pictures of this lovely hunk of a horse, here is a link:

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