Friday, January 6, 2012

I'm back!!!

Finally! Well, I was really back 2 days ago, but never had a chance to
update the blog. I have so many pics to share that I have plenty for
days when I have nothing else to post about!!! It's been a great
*almost* two weeks away. Didn't end up helping build the shed as much
as I had thought, what I did all day is a mystery, I rode every day I
ould, made some tack (3 halters and 3 bridles) managed to mostly prep a
wee G1 Drafter, he still needs his ear fixed and tail chopped off for
hair prepping....and I want to adjust his legs just slightly, then
he'll be ready to move off to a painter for one of the two free
paintjobs I managed to get to become a chestnut pinto Gypsy Cob.
It's good to be home though, it felt like it had been ages since I was
here, but now I'm here it feels so good! And a great surprise awaited
me when I got home, my Fallen Leaves Secret Santa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks so much (yep, again!!) to Helianthe!!! I love it all, and Missy
loves the cat treats as well, give her one and she's trying her hardest
to get her head in the bag and gobble them all up!!!
Anway, here's pics of what I got:
At this stage I was thinking 'where do I start??!!!?'

Definitely my favourite lolly, I'm refraining from eating it because it's just so darn neat!!!
Those are the wee things Missy loves, on the right, shake the bag and she comes running!!

Sorry for the dark picture!! Not sure what I will do with the pony, either CM it or mum thinks I should use it for next years SS...

And everything together:

Thanks again Helianthe!!! Bring on nex, I mean, this year's Secret Santa!!!


Kismet Lodge said...

And I just realised this is the 50th post!!! Will have to do something special for the 100th one :)

Helianthe said...

Wow so many pics, and it is kinda cool to see all those things arrived safe and not broken. :-)

Kismet Lodge said...

lol, I seem to always take loads of pics for some reason!!!!

And yep, everything arrived safe and sound, nothing broken which was really cool :)