Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Saddlefree Performance

First off, Jen Buxton comes up with THE best things to post about!!! One of the latest being Saddlefree Performance, but the one I was really fascinated by was her post about an event called Bareback Puissance. That event seems really 'me'. I don't think I would ever be able to jump that sort of height though!

She really looks like she is having fun!!

Through searching 'Bareback Puissance' and
'Bareback Puissance jumping' on Google Images, it seems there aren't
many *decent* pictures of the event, thus the similarity in images to
Jen's post.
This seems the perfect event for me if I was live showing!! Since I
only own a western saddle, I would have to make my english saddle if I
were showing performance, but an english bridle is easy enough to make,
or, if you can't make one, they are relatively cheap.
This would be such an awesome thing to have setup at live shows!!! I
would love to see some in pictures from lives!
*All images from Google Images, and the post topic courtesy of Jen
Buxton. This is mainly for my reference, but if anyone gets anything
out of it, good on ya!!!

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