Sunday, January 8, 2012


Christmas was spent in a remote little place just outside of Murchison
in the Maruia Valley. 4WD track to get into there and we went into town
twice in the 11 days we were there (I think!!). Good chance to get away
from civilisation and people and just, well, relax a little! It's a
pretty comfy little place, no power, no cell phone reception, it is
pretty remote!! Hills and native bush all around, there's a creek
running just down from the caravans we sleep in over there, it never
dries up and you hear it pretty much wherever you are, it's only when
your up one of the hills that you can't hear it.
Here's just a few pics I took over there, they don't show very can see more of the landscape in the pics of the horses
which I will post tomorrow.
As soon as I got there I had to make it a little more 'homely'...of
course I hauled a few horses over there!!
The view of them from lying on my bed:

because we were going to be over there for awhile, the dog came with us
as well...and the cat, she has a pic too, but that will be shown later.

rialings for putting up the wall for the shed would make a good setup
for photography...if the sun came round behind me, not the horse!!

Left to right: Dusky, Pony, Woody and Splash

View(s) from just up the hill a little bit heind the caravans.

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