Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dreamflite Design Saddle Tutorial

I have been eagerly awaiting Anna Kirby's (Dreamflite Design) english saddle tutorial. So much that I ended up
making a saddle before it had come out, I finished that one the day I got it (before reading it of course!!)
That one looks better with a rider in it, even if it is a western rider!

Then I printed out Anna's tutorial and folled the instructions to make another taught me a few things
making that second saddle, like, Anna obviously has much much thinner leather than I have!!!

I swear the stirrups on both saddles are not that short either!! I made
them both adjustable, but have already broken the strap on the second
saddle, so that I think I will pull apart enough to fix the stirrup
leather...I did want to make them the right length for my wee rider,
but I'm stuffed if I can find her!!!! Next saddle you see will be a
larger one, a plan I have to test out Anna's tutorial even more!! I
just can't help experimenting!

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