Sunday, December 11, 2011

Barrels and Palomino Sparklers

This wee guy finally arrived!! Yay, I can cross another off my wishlist
now!! This wee man has been nicknamed 'Wolf' for now...If you look
closely he has glittery sparkles on his face, they are rather hard to
see in these photos but I swear they are there!! Jokingly his previous
owner said he was a vampire, so I suggested he need a name with 'wolf'
in it to counteract the thought, but his face sparkles in the light,
and it doesn't photograph well, who could blame her!!
But anyway, here he is!! Name suggestions welcome, he doesn't have a
show name yet :)

Cna you see his sparkles??!

And this was just a random fun one I took.

as promised, here is a pic of the barrels I have been making, these are
the first two and I am now up to four of them, with another four
waiting to have their labels taken off and painted.

I think they are a good size for the traditionals. And with one end
open they can be used for flag races as well as other races with things
on top of them...or barrel racing or nothing to do with racing...can't
wait to use them in setups!!!

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