Friday, December 9, 2011

MECA Secret Santa

This year I took part in the MECA
Secret Santa. After missing it the first year I had joined and there
not being one last year, plus with me recently becoming an admin as
well, I decided to hold one for the members this year, and with their
permission I joined in, thanks guys!! It was so much fun and today my
gift arrived!!
The candle smells very yummy and is making my room smell the same!! I'm not complaining though!!
Looks like I'm having jam on toast for breakfast tomorrow!! Can't wait to try it!
Love this wee pony pouch, very soft!!
And a very relevant fabric outer!!

And inside...
...a pony for the Pony Pouch!!

And now just for my Fallen Leaves one to arrive :) Can't believe it is
almost christmas!! Doesn't feel like it really...mind you, christmas
isn't a very big thing round here....we don't even has the tree up! But
we are going the middle of nowhere!! haha, na, it's really
wuite nice over in Murchison at our piece of land, and, on a huge huge
plus side, mum's harness pony is over there, so guess what I will be
doing every day *drum roll* RIDING!!!! XD


Sharon Kerr-Bullian said...

Your mum's harness pony is over there... but you're going to be riding? Why not driving? I found driving just as enjoyable as riding :)

Enjoy your holiday season! :D

Kismet Lodge said...

Hey Sharon!! Thanks for visiting! There is a couple of reasons for riding not driving, we don't have a cart over there for her and the float/trailer and both vehicles will be filled up taking stuff over to build the shed. I love driving, I drive almost every day at home with my mini, Magic. But I like riding better, I miss it so much...even though I ride at least once a week now on the TB up the road. And there was another reason but it seems to have grown wings and flew out of my mind!!!

Sharon Kerr-Bullian said...

Ah, well that makes sense. I've done driving once, on a holiday tour carriage in Wales, under the owner's supervision. I didn't do much, just trotted down to the end of one road, dropped to a walk, and made a turn onto the next street before giving the reins back, but it made a big impression. I'd love to do more driving if I could. I want to take a crack at side saddle and western/stock riding too, I've never done that. I'm just an all-around horse person I guess. I haven't ridden in years though, so I'm probably a tad rusty.

Kismet Lodge said...

I tried sidesaddle once, on a friends pony who started bucking when I got on!!! I didn't like the feeling of there being just nothing there on the right side...glad mum never pushed me to do it on Millie, goey pony + no brakes in sidesaddle with a beginner sidesaddle rider, i don't think so!!!

I wouldn't mind doing some of the western events either, not the stupid pleasure stuff (sorry to anyone who does that) but I just find it so boring!! Barrel racing and those types of fast events are more my thing!!!

I find it doesn't take very long to get into the swing of it again, just a coupl eof days of sore legs!! XD